5 Innovative & Beneficial Usecases Using GET Protocol Infrastructure

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Since 2016, GET Protocol has been building state of the art ticketing infrastructure that centers around accessible benefits for all in the event chain. Using this technology, a ticketeer and event organizer can eradicate ticket scalping, control secondary market revenue & issue future proofed fan engagement through Digital Collectibles and Web3 experiences.

With all that being said, what are some examples of past usecases done properly through GET Protocol? Let’s dive in.

1 - Ziggo Dome: Retaining Secondary Market Revenue & Data

In the windswept winter evenings of December 2022, the Ziggo Dome, which is the Netherland’s largest venue came alive with 30,000+ screaming fans enjoying themselves across two evenings of pop hits. They came to see Antoon, a hit star who won the title of most listened to artist during 2022.

With a commanding audience, there was naturally heavy pressure on getting tickets to the events. As such GUTS Tickets, a white-label integrator of GET Protocol was tasked with facilitating the ticketing & ensuring that fans had the safest and most accessible ticketing experience possible.

Using the White-Label, not only was there a total elimination of ticket scalping but the event organizers had the upside or capturing all secondary market revenue & data from the events.

For such a large set of events, this resulted in roughly 12.5% of all tickets trading hands, but rather than being done so on an external market place with revenue lost, they were instead conducted using the White-Labels built-in secondary marketplace, allowing fans to sell tickets according to the rules set by the event organizer whilst the organizer themselves made revenue from the sales.

This resulted in 85,000 euros in sales revenue retained and 20% extra fan data captured by the organizer.

You can dive into the case study here.

2 - Dermot Kennedy: Post-Event Evolving Collectibles for Busking Fans

On a sunny Sunday evening in September, the poetic lyrics of Dermot Kennedy graced the streets of Edinburgh in a charity busking event that hundreds of fans raced to attend. Using GUTS Tickets, his fans were able to reveal the location of the busk on the day of the event & get their hands on a free ticket that would later evolve into a special kind of parting gift.

These tickets came with an Evolving Collectible that fans could claim by entering their Collectible wallet address into the GUTS app.

By doing so, fans received a static collectible featuring a poster of Dermot Kennedy, the surprise? As the event took place, and Dermot’s heartfelt lyrics were captured on video, the Collectible evolved with footage from the event, music from his latest album and a digitally signed handwritten note from Dermot himself.

All fans had to do was check their existing collectible to see it evolve before their eyes. Take a look for yourself here.

3 - MET Amsterdam: Dropping Rewards to Verified Fans through Web3

The exciting frontier of Web3 fan engagement has barely been scratched, but what is already evident is that it allows fans and artists to connect in a way that’s not dependent on a single social media platform & can unlock new experiences for verified fans.

How does it work you may wonder?

Every (NFT) Digital Collectible that is issued for a specific event through GET Protocol is created with a unique identifier number that is hidden behind the scenes. This identifier can be checked by gating programs to verify if it came legitimately from the specific event & prevent access to those without a legitimate Collectible.

This allows digital content to be gated so that only verified fans with a Digital Collectible from an event can access experiences created by the event organizer or artist.

This was put into exceptional practice by MET AMS, a Web3 conference focused on the intersection between the Metaverse and reality.

Using all the NFT Tickets issued for their event, they were able to drop brand rewards to attendees using their Digital Collectible address. Rewards included a digital jacket that could be equipped using Snapchat and tokens for a partnering art gallery project.

What’s more, each fan had the opportunity for their Collectible to evolve with unique artwork created by MET AMS partnering artists. Read the case study here.

4 - Heroes Den Bosch: Evolving Sports Collectibles

The high octane moments of a basketball event are simply unforgettable.

Whether it’s the atmosphere as the crowd goes wild on a play, or the suspense of two fierce teams duking it out for points in the closing moments of a neck and neck game. The ability to capture these moments in a way that lasts the test of time is powerful.

That’s why Heroes Den Bosch, the current Dutch champions work with GUTS Tickets to issue Digital Collectibles that evolve to include highlight moments from each of their games.

As such fans can immortalize these moments in digital form, that can be traded, showcases and used to access experiences.

Every collectible they issue has the ability to token gate content & act as a record of attendance and ownership for years to come.

Take a look at how this came about, in our Lasting Connection’s blog.

5 - Filling Events Efficiently: Dynamic Seating

A large part of the ticket sale process is naturally the ability to fit all ticket holders into an event. With many ticketing platforms, this is done using a seat picking system, which takes each seat in a venue and maps it so that an attendee can assign themselves a ticket or the organizer can do so in the background.

Whilst flexibility can be a perceived benefit, the issue with a seat picker is that along with being time consuming to create and a drain on resources when being used during a sale, it also creates problems for accommodating large groups and single seat attendees.

What’s more, 98% of users selects the same available seats with a normal seat picker, which in reality creates an illusion of choice.

This battle for the best seats by users is a nightmare for stability of the application, which is why we developed Dynamic Seating.

Using dynamic seating, a map of the venue is created and seats are assigned to a section of the venue. Attendees can select the section they’d like to sit in, with ticket pricing and quantity corresponding to the section of the venue.

As such, the system in the background can assign individual seats and can re-arrange seating up to the day of the event, accommodating any support requests for disabled seating, sudden cancellations from grouped attendees or fit in friends to be seated together even if they buy their tickets separately.

This allows you to fill your event, sell more tickets and avoid the hassle of supporting a seat picking solution. You can read more around Dynamic Seating here.

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