Digital Twin

A breakdown of GET Protocol's Digital Twin

An easy avenue for tapping into the benefits of blockchain and NFT ticketing, with zero risk to current business operations

The Digital Twin is the hassle- and risk-free solution for existing ticketing companies wishing to enjoy the benefits of the latest innovations in the world of digital (NFT) ticketing.

Without interfering with any ongoing business, the Digital Twin is an added, duplicated layer of your tickets.

Where previously a ticket was simply a right to enter an event, GET Protocol’s NFT tickets establish a connection between ticket issuer and ticket buyer, which transcends this one-time interaction.

Unlocking the full potential of NFT tickets is perhaps most easily explained from the perspective of a 360 timeline for a ticket surrounding an event.

Easy integration - All the benefits with none of the hassle

Implementing the GET Protocol Digital Twin for your ticketing can be completed and up and running within two days. Check out our ticket engine API docs here to learn more about the integration steps for your platform. Of course our developers will guide you through the process at a pace that works for you.

It’s important to reiterate here that the infrastructure operates in parallel to your existing tech, requiring no changes to your business model and ticketing operations. You are not required to process any callbacks in your backend, a broadcast-only approach will do the trick. Integrate without impact and risk to your existing operations.

Now it's over to you

If you're interested in finding out how the Digital Twin can open new avenues for your ticketing, visit our inquiry page to get started. Our sales team and support will be happy to assist you throughout the process.

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Digital Twin

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