A breakdown of GET Protocol's White-Label

The white-label is the perfect solution to go from no ticketing to scalable ticketing that puts you in full control of your tickets.

The Event Experience

To anyone involved in the events industry, there is an understanding of the importance of building a shared connection between event attendees, organisers and artists. After all, event organisers are in the business of creating experiences for a living. But as we move further into the digital age, these experiences should evolve and adapt, to provide new opportunities for maximising the bond built at an event.

Frustratingly however, the main gateway for all in the event chain remains woefully under innovated. To this date, the standard ticket lacks the ability to provide any insight or engagement between those in the ticketing chain. As soon as a ticket is sold on the primary market, the ticket owner becomes a ‘ghost in the system’, with connection and insights completely lost when a ticket is re-sold on a secondary market, passed to a friend or misplaced. On the other side, as soon as an event finishes the link to event goers is severed, with little feasible options available to bring attendees back for future events.

Isn’t it time for a ticketing system that gives back control of every point in a ticket’s life cycle to the legitimate parties in the ticketing chain whilst offering better engagement possibilities to foster the event connection?

A complete ticketing infrastructure built with a connection first approach

The GET Protocol white-label solution is our answer to this question. It features a comprehensive and complete suite of tools that provide any prospective new ticketing company the perfect start for issuing smart tickets in their local market under their own branding.

The features our white-label introduces bring an end to ticket scalping, provide real-time ticket usage and finance insights, give control of the primary and secondary markets back to event organisers and cultivate the fan connection through digital collectible opportunities.

A glimpse back to 2016

Traditional ticketing solutions can at times feel like a house built upon unstable foundations, where the underlying problems are not addressed before new experiences are built on top. In 2016 with the type of frustration born from a place of passion, we set to work building a solution that combined emerging technology with a connection first approach - starting with the foundations.

After developing a working solution, we founded our own ticketing company called GUTS Tickets based on the belief that if you wish to make a change in an industry you have to bring the solution to the problem and tackle it head on.

Ever since, GUTS Tickets has been walking down the path of delivering a scalper free ticketing experience for events across the Netherlands. The experience of not just building ticketing infrastructure, but putting it to use in real settings has allowed us to get an intimate understanding of the direct needs of ticketing companies and event organisers. It is this tried and tested system that has evolved into our comprehensive, robust white-label solution.

Take control of your ticketing.

Facilitating an ever adapting industry

Our white-label has also revealed some gleaming benefits during the current pandemic, as an ever changing event climate has resulted in many events needing cancelling or rescheduling for dates and location. With the white-label, GUTS Tickets could transfer 40k+ tickets for a singular event to a new venue at the flick of a button whilst keeping revenue.

You can read more in our customer story: Here

Think the white-label is the solution for you?

Getting started shouldn’t be daunting. We’re big believers in ensuring complexity is hidden behind the scenes when it comes to all our systems and we extend this ethos into our onboarding process.

We’re proud of the support system that we’ve built to help get any prospective new ticketing company off the ground and utilising the white-label at an efficient yet comfortable pace which gives all the information needed - when it's needed.

Here’s how our onboarding process works:

Now it's over to you

If our white-label solution has piqued your interest and you’d like to demo the system for yourself, visit our inquiry page to get started. Our sales team and support will be happy to assist you throughout the process.

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