An open invitation for free NFT ticketing services

Furthering the use case one event at a time

At GET Protocol, we have been issuing on-chain event tickets for a mainstream audience since 2016. We have continuously developed our approach to ensure a market fit with the general (non-crypto) audience and wishes and interests of event organizers worldwide. In doing so we have issued over a million tickets globally, and iterated on a ticketing infrastructure that brings a variety of benefits to its users. From protection from scalping to direct communication and fan rewards.

All of the tickets issued using our protocol are NFT's, and as such can be claimed by attendees after an event as digital collectibles.

We feel strongly about advancing the use case of mainstream NFT utility through ticketing, and we want to take any potential friction off the table. Especially in the case of NFT-related events. It's time for everyone to walk the walk, and we'd gladly be a crutch.

The benefits and potential of NFT tech is reaching a wider audience, but the actual usage and enjoyment of those benefits is still largely missed out on. This is a downright shame, seeing as the tooling and technical infrastructure are readily available.

Which is why we are happily extending an open invitation to all NFT related events to use GET Protocol's NFT ticketing platform, free of charge*.

We hope this will enable conferences, meet-ups or any other events where NFT's are discussed to experience first hand the benefits of mainstream NFT technology.

If you are planning an NFT-related event and want to make use of this offer just send over an e-mail and we'll get you set up.

*This invitation is valid for up until 30,000 tickets per organisation, and runs until the end of Q2 2022.

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Ticketing companies of all sizes use our infrastructure to get clearer insights, generate greater revenue and maximise the connection through their tickets.

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