August '21 update - Welcome to the next phase of GET Protocol

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves

A very warm welcome

As you might begin to see, in this blog we’re doing things a whole lot different.

For the past few months, we’ve been hard at work bringing to fruition our plans for a scalable, global ticketing infrastructure. Today is not only the revealing moment, it’s also the release for what we’ve dubbed the ‘Digital Twin update’.

So what’s on the agenda? Well instead of the usual wrap-up style update of the latest news, we’d like to take you by the hand on a step-by-step walkthrough of everything we’ve been busy working on over the last few months. We encourage you to take a look at the different parts of this update as you go.

Perhaps you’d like a little taste of what’s to come - that’s fair. This update is centered around a new product release - The Digital Twin, which gives existing ticketing enterprises an easy way of issuing NFT tickets and tapping into the benefits of blockchain, while boosting GET Protocol’s expansion plans and ticket volume. In fact, we’ve already got a first user to introduce.

We’re also going to show you our brand new website and content strategy with internal stories hub and deep-dive documentation, showing the inner workings of GET Protocol’s ticketing infrastructure. Last but certainly not least, we’ve got updated tokenomics that will push GET Protocol ever closer towards our intended vision of scalable on-chain transactional and ticketing activity.

We see all of this collectively as a maturing moment for GET Protocol, marking an important step towards further global expansion and progress in several key aspects of the protocols functioning.

The new GET Protocol website

Our first stop on this announcement is to show you our shiny new website and content strategy, including internal content hub and documentation that gives any viewer a top to bottom perspective of GET Protocol. A notable change is that it has been set up with GET Protocol’s potential clients in mind, reflecting the broad scale of the infrastructure we offer to facilitate new ticketing companies through our white-label and existing ticketing behemoths with the Digital Twin.

Take a look through the website, we’re excited to hear what you think:

We will be optimizing the website’s content over the upcoming period, once we get a couple good nights of sleep.

The Stories section

As an integral part of the site, visitors can check out articles in the ‘Stories’ section, which features industry observations, new trends and insights from the global ticketing industry, customer stories as well as tokenomics and product release information.

Visit: Stories hub

Dive deeper: ReadMe documentation

For those looking to understand the internal systems at the heart of GET Protocol, we have our ReadMe documentation. This includes our API docs, the full explanation of protocol’s usage of the GET token, including pricing variables and on-chain processes laid out.

Presenting the Digital Twin product

Alright that’s our platforms, now let’s dive into our brand new product - the Digital Twin.

The Digital Twin is an extension of an ethos that we’ve been working towards since our inception in 2016, to improve the ticketing experience through innovation and to add value for a mainstream audience in a completely hassle-free manner. We believe that this vision should be enacted right down to the end users and clients of our products and infrastructure.

The Digital Twin can be integrated in under less than a week and has zero operation risk to existing business operations - this means that any existing ticketing company can give the Digital Twin a try to see how NFT tickets can benefit their ticketing and open up new possibilities for their event organiser clients.

Designed for scaling

In introducing the Digital Twin product for existing ticketing companies, a new chapter is marked in GET Protocol’s continued road to worldwide adoption. This move will help fine-tune the product and discover its full potential, while gearing up for more integrations on a larger scale.

Presenting the Digital Twin integrator: Yourticketprovider

But any good product needs equally good users right? Well the Digital Twin news doesn’t just end there as we’d like to introduce you to our launching integrator of the Digital Twin - Yourticketprovider.

Yourticketprovider is a well established ticketing issuer in the Netherlands that has a reputation for looking beyond the QR code. Yourticketprovider issues over 2 million tickets a year and is eager to utilise the Digital Twin to explore new monetization possibilities for event organisers and building the event connection in ways previously not possible.

Bart Peute, CEO of Yourticketprovider

Thanks to this unique integration with the GET protocol we will help organisers to enter, explore and monetize the many opportunities of this new online space using NFTs, for example a more secure secondary market, pre-funding events and selling digital merchandise. Also to a visitor a ticket is much more than a barcode and we now support the full visitor journey and experience offline and online.

In introducing the Digital Twin product for existing ticketing companies, a new chapter is marked in GET Protocol’s continued road to worldwide adoption. This move will help fine-tune the product and discover its full potential, while gearing up for many more integrations on a larger scale.

Maarten Bloemers, CEO of GET Protocol:

We are thrilled with this move, as we are looking to develop the NFT ticketing use case as widely and thoroughly as possible. In Yourticketprovider we have a great initial partner for the Digital Twin product, showing that they are open to innovation. That’s a mindset we are hoping to come across more and more, as we show the world what a ticket is capable of.

Read the official announcement: Digital Twin announcement article

Scalable on-chain tokenomics

One of the thorns in our sides has been the somewhat centralized nature of the GET tokenomics. Relying on manual transactions and reports does not really rhyme with the promise and potential of blockchain tech.

With a product built for global scale, there needs to be a scalable and DAO-friendly token-economic model to match. This means we’re confident in what we have, and we’re going for volume. Ticketing on-chain, at scale, and competitively priced. Setting up the foundations for a DAO while encouraging protocol usage at volume is a crucial part of the next phase of our growth.

A few of the exciting topics to go into there are: Rate configuration for the different integrators; The types of interactions (formerly known as state changes) and the features they do or do not include; The value flow & lifecycle of an NFT ticket; How the DAO benefits from every ticket transaction.

Dive into the tokenomics at the link below, which will also take you to the ReadMe for a granular look at the tokenomics.

Stories article - How GET Protocol's ticket transactions are processed

GET Protocol Documentation - Tokenomics Overview

Launching with style

To immortalise the Digital Twin release we're excited to announce the giveaway of 100 Digital Twin collectibles in a variety of colours and themes which will be distributed on various platforms to you - our community!

Stay tuned for more information on how you can get your hands on one!

And that’s where we’ll leave it for now. We hope you are equally as excited about these updates and what they mean for the future.

Over the next several weeks we will refine and update all components mentioned in this blog, but feel free to let us know if you spot any typos, are missing something or have suggestions otherwise.

Now let’s take over the world, shall we?

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