Changing the venue of 40K+ attendees with the click of a button

You don’t have to work in the events industry to imagine that moving venues for a 40K+ attendance string of concerts is a -pardon our French- pain in the derrière.

Yet, sometimes there is no other way. On occasion these moves are rooted in logistical challenges, other times it’s a simple matter of force majeure, like weather, massive construction or, say, a global pandemic.

In recent times the latter has caused the most headaches for organizers trying to make the most of an already harrowing period. It also caused troubles for one of Holland’s biggest singers, Guus Meeuwis. His yearly series of several massive shows in football club PSV’s Philips Stadion in Eindhoven, titled ‘Groots met een zachte G’ is nothing short of a tradition for the fans who have been going annually over the past twenty years.

One of the pre-Covid editions of ‘Groots’. Get a feel of the size of the show in this aftermovie.

A stadium-sized headache

But, due to scheduling conflicts caused by Covid restrictions, the event needed to find a new home for its 2021 edition, which was ticketed by GET Protocol white-labeler GUTS Tickets.

This posed a conundrum: How do you move tens of thousands of diehard fans from the venue they are used to attending every single year, to one on the other side of the country?

In the old, analogue world of PDF tickets this type of thing is the nightmare of support teams, venue staff and artists. Due to unverifiable customers and a totally opaque secondary market, there is no way to ensure you reach the ticket holders with the correct information, let alone ensure they have a ticket to the new show date. This leads to scrambling communication efforts, social media outrage and allround disappointment.

Problem of the past

Thankfully, there is no reason for this type of chaos anymore. With truly digital tickets like the ones issued by GET Protocol, the full control over all aspects of the tickets remains in the hands of the event organizers.

Since all tickets issued by GUTS are 100% digital and are connected to a verified smartphone of the attendee, updating important aspects of the ticket, such as its location or date take no more effort than the click of a button.

With that, the tickets changed their date & venue, and with another click, an e-mail was sent out to 100% of the ticket holders, informing them of the update.

Full control for the organizer, zero uncertainty for the fan.

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