How To: Claiming Your Ticket As A Digital Collectible

In this guide we'll explore digital collectibles and how you can claim your ticket's collectible.

1) An introduction to digital collectibles

Did you know that the ticket you purchased for your upcoming event can do more than provide entry access?

Thanks to some exciting technology, when you enter an event and your ticket is scanned it no longer goes into the (virtual) trash, instead it becomes what we call a ‘digital collectible’. You can think of this as a digital souvenir for the event you're attending.

Wait.. say that one more time, digital collectible?

A digital collectible is represented as a piece of art, a photo or even a video that has been turned into an NFT. You can think of an NFT as an incredibly useful way of providing ownership over a unique item such as an art piece... or your ticket! Digital collectibles give you, the event attendee a direct connection to the artist and event organiser you've gone to see.

You can learn more about NFTs by clicking the drop down below, but it’s not necessary for the purposes of this guide.

If you’re already familiar with cryptocurrencies and manage an Ethereum wallet, you should move to step 5 to learn more about how GET Protocol’s collectibles work.

2) What is an NFT?

3) Storing digital collectibles

Until today, you've most likely only used a ticket in order to enter an event and then it's forgotten about. But digital collectibles can keep the event connection alive, long after an event ends.

In order to claim your digital collectible, you'll need to set up something called an Ethereum address.

You’ve lost me, what is an Ethereum address?

An Ethereum address is a unique identifier for a wallet on the Ethereum blockchain. It looks like a long combination of numbers and letters that starts with a 0x. An example of an Ethereum address is:


By having an Ethereum address, we're able to send you the digital collectible that is tied to your ticket and you're able to have complete ownership of the collectible for years to come.

4) I would like my collectible, how do I get an Ethereum address?

Setting up an Ethereum address is free and requires no identification or sign up process.

The easiest way to create an Ethereum address is to use Metamask. This is available as a browser extension, or as a mobile application.

Once you’ve installed either the extension or the mobile application, follow the instructions on the screen, making sure to write down and store safely the “secret recovery phrase”. Do not share this phrase with anyone as it can be thought of as the password to your wallet.

Once your wallet is set up, you should see your public address viewable at the top of the screen, which can then be copied with the click of a button.

You can then copy this address and paste it into the ticket mobile application. There's a section with the header: “NFT Claim Address”.

Paste your Ethereum address into this textbox and then hit save.. congrats you're now set up and ready to receive your ticket's digital collectible!

5) What’s the process of redeeming the collectible tied to my ticket?

Once your ticket is scanned at the event, the digital collectible along with any collectibles for past events attended will be sent automatically over the Polygon network to the address that you have entered in your profile settings.

6) What are the benefits of a digital collectible again?

As it presently stands, when an event ends and the moments captured at an event become just a memory, the connection made between fans and artists can be lost completely with no direct way to continue kindling the connection.

Whilst photos, videos and memories help to build sentimental feelings, opportunities for direct engagement that fosters a shared community remains vacant.

In this digital age, it is now more important than ever for artists to stay connected with their fans.

Enter the collectible.

Your digital collectible is a memento that captures the nostalgia of an event whilst opening up new avenues for connection between you and the performing artist.

These collectibles can be showcased and traded on decentralised exchanges such as OpenSea and in the future can be used to provide further rewards and access to communities, future ticket sales and more.

Still stuck or have questions?

At GET Protocol we’ve been utilising the latest technology to upgrade the event experience, this includes expanding the lifecycle of a ticketing, providing new ways to connect and engage with your favourite artists.

You can reach out to us via email, we’ll be happy to assist you with any questions you may have and make sure you’re able to get the full collectible experience.

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