March 22 Update - Something is Cooking

Can you feel it? There is a whole lot going on - between exciting new partners joining the GET ecosystem and bringing events of a bigger caliber to the protocol, to more industry recognition for our products and philosophy. It’s safe to say we’re onto something here.

Let’s break down some of the most momentous developments currently taking place.

Milestone: 1.5 Million Processed Tickets

During March we had the pleasure of hitting the milestone of 1.5 million on-chain tickets processed through GET Protocol since our inception, just a mere six months after passing the moment of one million tickets!

This marked quite an exciting moment as it’s becoming clear that GET Protocol is reaching exponential growth of global ticketing activity fuelled through our partners and integrators.

As pandemic restrictions are easing globally, the events industry is springing back to life with a flourishing of new and old events re-emerging. This duality of NFT Ticket adoption and a healing events industry has created an ideal opportunity for event organisers and artists to find new and innovative ways to connect with their true fans.

The full extent of post-event NFT Ticketing functionality is yet to be fully charted, but whether you’re a community member, ticketing integrator, event organiser, artist or a fan, the value proposition of an NFT Ticket spreads right across the event vertical, with the flexibility to add value to each party in unique ways.

The Launch of our NFT Ticket Showcase

With GET Protocol’s NFT Ticket claim functionality available for the past several months, the time is right to ramp up the ways we educate and showcase the benefits and opportunities that await partners, event organisers and artists who experiment with their NFT Tickets.

With this theme in mind, we launched our new NFT Ticket Showcase platform that shines a light on a curated selection of creative and functional benefits provided by NFT Tickets.

Going forward the showcase site will be a hot bed for demonstrating how GET Protocol is enabling new connection avenues and creative pathways in the events industry.

A Bird’s Eye View of GET Protocol has never been easier

Our showcase site is a shiny new addition in what is an array of ways to view NFT Ticketing activity and take a look under the protocol’s hood.

As such, we thought it was fitting to provide a 101 recap on all the tools at your disposal to get a bird’s eye view of GET Protocol. Take a look at this Twitter thread to get a feel for what’s on offer and bonus points if you can name all the platforms without looking at the thread before hand!

A recap from SXSW, by business developer Sander Regtuijt

‘Four years ago we made our first steps on the dusty grounds of Texas during SXSW, the annual conference for anything between tech and music. Back then, the 2017 bull was just back in its cage and blockchain tech was by no means something known by the mainstream.

How different was that this year.

It was NFTs all over the place. Literally - one could join scavenger hunts for claiming NFTs spread all over the city of Austin. That was a good sign. A way better thing for us specifically was that we now had way more to offer, compared to our last visit in 2018. Back then it was about networking, learning and having fun. All of these still apply, but now we have actual products to offer. Even better; we have partners to finally meet up with in person. Partners who themselves attended SXSW as well to meet up with their partners in the event industry, who they facilitate ticketing for, using our products.

The guys meeting up with DeFy Tickets

Catching up while chowing down with Relic Tickets

The chaps with the NeonOx crew

Since I joined in 2017, I have always felt that puzzle pieces keep on falling in place at GET Protocol. Sometimes many in one go, sometimes a bit slower, but the puzzle keeps on getting more and more complete. I never had that feeling of pieces coming together more strongly than when I was in Austin recently. The blockchain based ticketing tech we’ve been building, battle-testing and operating since 2016 finally got a face called NFTs, which in my opinion is mainstreaming the whole underlying industry. It was great to get confirmed by many that ticketing is such a logical and real-world use-case for NFT’s. Through ticketing, we onboard mainstream audiences onto web3, at large scale.

Knowing that, it’s absolutely exciting to realize there is simply no other company in the world that can offer what we can offer, at the scale we can deliver, with the experience we have built since 2016. Just GET Protocol.

One moment in particular I liked a lot. One morning we had a meeting with a potential partner, who’s keen on utilizing our products in a white-label manner for the US market. Our sales team had had a few calls with them already before SXSW, but now we had the chance to meet in person. They showed a sales deck they already created with their proposition which is entirely based on our products, but then with their own branding. Perfect.

Fast forward to a few days later when I was at a get-together I was invited to, organized by a fellow player in the industry. I got to randomly meet a lot of new people and it’s crazy, but you only have to drop “NFTs” and “ticketing” and people will listen. It also helps when they realize we’ve been around for years and I personally have been active in the blockchain space since 2013. I don’t feel like it as years have passed so quickly, but people see you as some kind of OG (?). Perhaps for a reason.

Same for this guy who happened to be an event organizer and promoter who then pulled me to his co-workers. “Hey guys”, he said, “listen to this OG”. I talked about ticketing and NFTs and NFT ticketing and they told me they met another guy earlier that day who was selling an NFT ticketing system to them. They loved that system. The ticketing guy said he was about to start a ticketing company based on a system he would white-label from an NFT ticketing supplier. They showed me the sales deck the ticketing guy sent them by email and it was the exact same sales deck our potential partner showed us a few days before. You could say it was our product and tech, with the branding of our potential partner.

That was full circle for me, another puzzle piece. People I don’t know, in a country I rarely am in, are selling and talking about our products. And they love it. It gave me goosebumps and made me very ready for the next puzzle pieces to come.’

The state of the DAO

As the DAO becomes closer to reality for us, we’d like to start providing a regular update with our monthly blogs. We’re calling this section the “State of the DAO” and we’re pleased to announce: The State of the DAO is strong!

We’ve launched two token gated channels in Discord and onboarded numerous people to the process of validating token ownership for the purpose of utility. We’ve introduced polling to great success, starting the process of turning passive members into active contributors and we’ve gotten an enormous amount of feedback from our members in an excellent discussion thread on Discord: We’re building this in public and doing it right, taking into deep consideration all our members’ ideas and critiques. And it’s working! GET ownership now unlocks access to the DAO discussion channel and overall engagement is up 32% week over week. This is an excellent sign of growth and signals great interest in the future of the DAO. We’re excited for what the future brings with this amazing community. We’re going to be developing some excellent content over the coming weeks and months exploring DAOs, NFTs, and the processes surrounding them for our community, all drawing on topics of discussion directly from members.

We are also excited to share a brief overview of the lifespan of the DAO going forward. The timeline is currently divided into four Epochs, each named for the overall theme that defines them: Protogovernance, Foundation, Perfectum, and Automata. Now with the launch of our first token gated channels, we have entered Epoch Zero: Protogovernance. It is here that the DAO begins. Nothing is on chain yet. There’s no such thing as a formal vote and proposals don’t really exist within any defined structure. And yet, a scenet of what’s to come is in the air. It is here where democracy starts: The grassroots level with engagement of community members directly. We’re working hard there: Talking with members, taking polls, tallying opinions and doing research. That is Epoch Zero. Once the DAO launches in a more formal capacity with actual voting and proposals we will have entered the first true Epoch: Foundation. You won’t want to miss this and we can’t wait to share more details.

If you haven’t stopped by the Discord yet and would like to see the birth of a DAO take place in real time (and maybe even participate), be sure to drop in.

Of course the first step towards building out our DAO is creating a common understanding on what a DAO actually is. This is why we have just published a separate blog, aptly named ‘What is a DAO?’ You can find that here:

Eco stance - Nemus

In the spirit of blockchain and Web3 bringing people together as a force of good, we’re always looking for ways to do our little part in contributing to initiatives that put the planet and sustainability first.

One such opportunity has arisen recently through a new Web3 platform called Nemus which aims to provide protectionary services to at risk land in the Brazilian rainforest. Nemus allows users and platform to purchase NFTs that are tied to square plots of land acquired in a ‘protective belt’ that snakes around local indigenous land. This makes it significantly more challenging for participants in illegal activities to access this land.

Viewing Nemus’s land can be done through a map akin to that of the Sandbox, with rainforest plots mapped to tiles.

The majority of revenue from the NFT sale pays for operations and the purchase of the land, while the remaining proceeds are stored in the Nemus Treasury that is governed by the Nemus DAO. Nemus also gives local communities the opportunity to rebuild sustainable economic activities on land, such as the the reviving of Old Brazil Nut Tree plantations that became abandoned years ago.

As GET Protocol’s ticketing activity continues to scale, we intend to support initiatives periodically, with Nemus being one such platform, we will update you when this occurs.

Partner Updates

DeFy Tickets

DeFy has come out of the gate swinging. If you’re curious about the team and their approach, you can listen back to our shared Twitter spaces from earlier in the month.

Of course, you can also check out the A-list events they’ve already begun ticketing during the month of March (which you can also read about on Hypebeast!)

Gucci Mane at Wild Acre Live:

Luppe Fiasco at Wild Acre Live:

One Nation Under a Groove tour with George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic:

Follow DeFy on Twitter or jump in their Discord.


NeonOx is also getting their name out there in a big way.

Prior to SXSW Yahoo Finance published:

NeonOx Brings Blockchain and NFT Ticketing Solutions to Events Industry

‘Founded by ticketing industry veterans Joe Loverde and Chris Honsberger, NeonOx is a blockchain ticketing solutions provider for individuals, companies and promoters looking to leverage the security and innovative applications of NFTs as part of the ticketing process.

"We're staying ahead of this ever-evolving industry to make cutting-edge technology accessible to everyone - from blockchain beginners to encryption experts," said Honsberger, head of business strategy and development. "We believe NFTs are the future and the companies that boldly embrace this technology will become the leaders of their industries.”

Stay up to date with NeonOx on Twitter.

Relic Tickets

P.S. in case you haven’t been following along, you might want to check out what our esteemed partner Relic is working on (in between selling thousands of tickets already) with their ENOR NFT drop.

Head on over to their Discord to stay up to date on all things Relic.

GUTS Tickets

The O.G.’s at GUTS aren’t sitting still. A quick overview of mentionable moments:

  • Big events are back - GUTS facilitated several events with 5K+ attendees over the last few weeks, which went smoothly and led to positive feedback from event organizers. It’s easy to skip over how cool it is to have designed a ticketing system that’s being used daily and making people’s lives easier.

  • Several NFT and metaverse events have made the (obvious) choice of going with blockchain-based tickets. Notably ETH Day & DeFi Day during the upcoming Devconnect as well as MET AMS, ‘Europe’s leading Metaverse event’ have gone on sale with GUTS, both boasting impressive line-ups of speakers from within the blockchain space.

One last question

Before we let you go - any ideas what in the world could our CEO be referring to here?

We have no clue - guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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