September 21 update - Otro Mas

Catching the momentum of the global ticketing industry

In the wake of our Digital Twin release

In the wake of our biggest update to date with the Digital Twin release, our sights are now set firmly on cementing the unique position that GET Protocol finds itself in. With product offerings covering the full spectrum of ticketing and major progress towards on-chain value flow that accompanies our on-chain ticketing, it’s safe to say that the doors are wide open for catching the momentum of the ticketing industry on a global playing field.

A look back at the YourTicketProvider integration

But of course the kick off for our Digital Twin solution lay closer to home, as the integration for Yourticketprovider, a Dutch based ticketing company with a reputation for looking beyond the QR code was completed during September. This milestone in turn was clearly showcased through the NFT Ticket Explorer, with a significant uptick in NFT tickets processed through GET Protocol.

In fact, just last week 40,000 NFT tickets were processed through the Protocol spread across both digital twin and white-label NFT tickets, for events across the world with non-crypto savvy attendees - how exciting is that?

A New Digital Twin Integrator

But the momentum isn’t slowing down and the good news isn’t either as we’re excited to announce our next Digital Twin integrator - eTicketaBlanca.

eTicketaBlanca is a Colombian ticketing company that facilitates events across the country, from sport to theatre and beyond. As a ticketing company that values providing high-quality innovation to event organisers and their customers, exploring new avenues through the Digital Twin aligns with their vision of offering the best and latest services in the market.

They’ll be integrating over the course of the next few months with an integration goal by the end of the year and are keen to evaluate how the Digital Twin will fit into their ticketing process and which new avenues can be explored. We’ll ensure to keep you updated as this integration process occurs!

GET Protocol in the social sphere

Now let’s turn to the social sphere and see how GET Protocol has fared in the wider space this month.

We were honoured to be MarketSquare’s project of the month for September which has resulted in the production of some truly detailed content about GET Protocol. For starters their article covering GET Protocol neatly wraps up the sentimentality of event attendance with the potency of technology for fostering the shared connection and removing problem barriers within the industry, it’s well worth a read:

They’ve also created a video covering GET Protocol’s NFT ticketing and Digital Twin solution on their youtube:

In the ticketing world, the Digital Twin product and Yourticketprovider integration news has been covered by:

  • Digital Music News: News here

  • The Ticketing Business: News here

The same can be said for within the blockchain media as both our announcement news and NFT ticketing possibilities have been published with BeInCrypto:

The future is on-chain

As GET Protocol moves towards a decentralised future, we want to make sure that ticketing companies become more active and conscious participants within the GET ecosystem. Our updates to the tokenomics through an on-chain value flow model is bringing this to fruition by turning what used to be a credit based buyback system, into a debit based top up system that makes integrators token holders by design.

To help explain the tokenomics, we’re increasing the resources available that detail the workings of these systems. Earlier this week we released an article that will act as an ever expanding tokenomic FAQ that can be read here.

There’s also technical and tokenomic documentation that can be accessed through GET Protocol’s ReadMe for those who want to delve deeper into the heart of the protocol.

GET Protocol is now on Discord

As the protocol has matured over the last year, there’s become an increasing need for a platform that can facilitate the ever growing community participation whilst providing an easier experience for keeping conversations alight. Therefore in September we opened GET Protocol’s Discord community which will be utilised alongside our existing Telegram channels.

The official Discord server link is: we hope to see you there!

Liquidity Mining Program extension into Q4 2021

In May we announced the Q3 extension of our Liquidity Mining Program with the addition of Quickswap LP support on the Polygon chain. Liquidity providers are a critical backbone of GET Protocol and therefore it comes without hesitation that we will be extending this program through Q4 on both Uniswap and Quickswap at the same rates as prior quarters.

If you’re new to the Liquidity Mining Program, you can read further details in our overview article:

As with subsequent quarters, we’ll provide another update at the end of the year on the status of the program as we move into the first quarter of 2022.

New faces in the GET Protocol team

As mentioned in previous updates, in order to scale operations globally we’re in turn scaling internally and it’s time to introduce our two newest members to you all in the community. I’ll let Saint take it away with his introduction:

Uyoyou Uwuseba - Blockchain Developer

Hi, I'm Uyoyou Uwuseba, my friends call me Saint; you could too. I'm Nigerian and reside in Benin City, Edo.

In my spare time I enjoy reading a lot of fantasy literature and have been getting into a bunch of movies recently. I’m a big fan of discussing Game of Thrones and I couldn't conclude listing out my interests without pointing out FOREX. I've lost more money than I've made from trading but nonetheless I have a deep seated passion for the charts.

Another part of my hobbies has to do with the music I listen to while I work! Indie Folk, Soft Rock and Classical pieces are my go to genre. Amongst the artists/bands who top my charts are Imagine Dragons, Of Monsters & Men and Florence + The Machine. I've yet to develop a good taste in food dishes; however if you ever travel to Nigeria, make sure to try out "Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup". It could do you no wrong!

Before GET, I’ve worked solo for my entire programming career (which is coming up to 5 years by the way). I've been mostly engaged as a freelance Back-End developer working majorly with PHP and Python's Django - those days were fun I must say.

Blockchain has been my most recent piece of wonder. I guess you're here because we share that same wonder. Working at GET has been a game changer to say the least. The commitment the GET team shows on a daily basis really helps showcase the shared vision amongst everyone.

It's been about 3 months now and I'm a big believer; not just because I read the white paper or because I've been digging deep into our contracts but because I've seen the work ethic of the team. They are amazing! I work closely with Kasper on the smart contract side of things. As you may already know, we have plans of scaling and further decentralisation. I'm here to make that easier and smoother.

Well that’s my part; I'm so excited and happy to be in this family - people seeking to change the landscape of ticketing by leveraging blockchain technology!

Cooper Brown - Fullstack developer

Hi, I'm Cooper! I'm from Seattle, but I am currently living in Lisbon.

I have worked in web and native development for the past 6 years. I have mostly been working with small teams building niche SaaS products. I’ve also made a few e-commerce shops over the years, but nothing to really highlight there. As for hobbies, I enjoy chess, tennis, Formula 1, and crypto of course! My favourite movie is either There Will be Blood or Fantastic Planet, and my favourite food is red beets.

Right now I am working on several key features that help expand our platform’s functionality and utility to our ticket integrators. I am also working on a data API that we will be making open source. I’ve been hearing about GET for some years now, always seeing it show up on Reddit posts and the occasional Twitter feed, but I never invested. Incidentally, it was from Reddit where I learned of the role! I am most excited about GET’s position in the NFT space. As a staunch supporter and believer of NFT’s, I think the NFT-ification of concert tickets will be absolutely massive and will play a large role in exposing the non-crypto masses to NFTs.

I truly look forward to being involved in the community and helping build such a powerful product.

The marketing department is expanding!

Talking about new team members, GET Protocol is also hiring a new marketeer! With all the tools and products now firmly in place, there is a prime opportunity for seizing a chunk of the NFT mindshare. As the wider space as a whole wakes up to utility use cases for blockchain and NFTs, there’s never been a better moment for GET Protocol to shine. It’s therefore time to expand our marketing potential!

We’re looking for someone chipper who has:

  • An advanced understanding of the crypto market, including its key players and publications;

  • With provable experience in marketing, (crypto) journalism or both;

  • Who knows how to maximize exposure & PR opportunities on platforms such as Telegram, Discord, Reddit, Twitter and Medium.

  • Who takes initiative and delivers results yet is also able to work cooperatively in a remote team.

  • Who understands the unique position and attributes of GET Protocol and can effectively leverage these to ensure the project can stand out from the crowd.

  • Who takes their work seriously, but doesn’t take him or herself too seriously.

If you are interested in the position or you know anyone you think would be an ideal fit, stay peeled for further information which will be provided in the coming days over our social media.

The Road that Lies Ahead

To echo the opening statements, the road ahead is paved with milestones that will help us capture the momentum of a global ticketing industry. One occurrence in the upcoming period that’s not only an achievement but a moment for reflection will be the 1,000,000th ticket processed on-chain since our inception in 2016.

With many lessons learned along the way, friendships fostered, events cherished and a community built like no other, there’s more than a million reasons as to why we’re in a very exciting moment in time and we’ll be sure to celebrate this occasion with you all in the community, as the countdown to the millionth ticket is well under way.

And whilst our ethos has always been to keep blockchain behind the scenes so that event attendees can benefit from the potency without knowledge of its existence, one event that will have no shortage of crypto knowledge will be the upcoming Cosmoverse Conference which takes place on the 5th November in Lisbon. All tickets will be processed through GET Protocol and ticketed by GUTS Tickets.

We’re currently busy collecting our thoughts on how we can further upgrade the experience of this event along with our friends and hosts of the event Cryptocito and DeFi Times, with more information to follow.

And that’s where we’ll part ways for now. We hope you are looking forward to the upcoming months as much as we are. As always let us know your thoughts over Discord, Telegram or other socials and we’ll speak soon.

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