Effortlessly upgrade your ticketing

NFTs are a revolutionary form of technology that unlock massive opportunities for ticketing issuers worldwide. Yes, also for you.

Meet the Digital Twin

Get involved in NFT ticketing easily and without any risk or impact on your existing business.

None of the hassle

A non-invasive blockchain layer on top of your existing ticketing activity enabling you to tap into the benefits of NFTs with minimal friction.

All of the benefits

A simple process allows you to issue NFT copies of your current and future tickets. These can be used as fan rewards and memorabilia, for starters.

Enhance your existing infrastructure

Minimal development effort, massive added value

fetch(`${GET_API}/api/v1/sold`, { method: "POST", body: JSON.stringify([ { "eventId": "d240f841-11c3-4140-b7d4-d18c87954ffe", "ticketId": "031bdc1d-c864-4d74-855c-4f10022a2cc1", "orderTime": 1604160000, "price": "15" } ]}) })

You’re missing out on more than just a hype

Discover what your tickets can do as NFTs:

During Sale

Post Event

And Beyond

During Sale

Unique level of transparency Greatly improve the ticketing experience by adding transparency and verifiable authenticity of buyers' tickets. Making the purchase process straightforward for all.

What we’re seeing

Dive deeper into NFT ticketing

Digital Twin

Launching the ‘Digital Twin’ NFT ticketing product with first user Yourticketprovider

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