Fund your dreams without selling your soul

Using the magic of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) you can now receive funding for future events without partnering up with loan sharks or evil corporations.

Decentralizing the events industry

At GET Protocol we are strong believers in empowering creators through innovative tech. This application of DeFi using NFT tickets was developed in that same spirit - we believe it will take away a huge hurdle for event organizers and artists to do fulfil their vision without making significant sacrifices.

Inventory Funding

Offer your ticket inventory for a future event - which can be assessed by liquidity providers for risk & reward.

Revenue Flows

Once the ticket sale for the event goes live, the revenue flows back to the provider of liquidity for the event.

Everyone's Happy

Even better, no one is stuck to a binding agreements with fine-print nastiness. It’s all transparent smart contracts and event cycles, baby!

How can I get involved?

We are happy to announce that we are now opening up a waiting list for interested parties. Over the next few months as we progress to a public roll-out, we will gradually increase the number of events for which we provide financing, together with our ticketing partners from around the world.

GET Protocol Foundation Piet Heinkade 181-H 1019HC Amsterdam The Netherlands

More insights

Take a look through our announcment for more details.


GET Protocol Event Financing Module Release

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