The fuel that powers NFT ticketing

At the heart of all activity is the GET utility token, which fuels every NFT ticket on its journey.

Every day, thousands of NFT tickets are processed through GET Protocol for events around the world. Anyone can view these tickets in real-time through the NFT Ticket Explorer.

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Ticket buyers and event organisers who make use of the protocol’s products don’t need to know about GET, cryptocurrencies or blockchain; they simply experience a top-notch ticketing experience.

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Everyone here has a GET-fuelled ticket in their pocket, though very few are aware of the details. Just the way it should be if you ask us.

The show, of course, must go on.

Integrators that make use of the protocol to issue tickets are able to seamlessly top-up the required GET on the back-end in a way that doesn’t put ticket sales or events at risk.



GET Used

View 14,904 Tickets

Suzan & Freek


GET Used

View 11,697 Tickets



GET Used

View 11,807 Tickets

On-Chain Transparency

All value-flows and activity are visible on-chain in a fully transparent manner.

Smart Contract Managed

Accounting codified directly on-chain, offering flexible real-time pricing.

Clear & Simple Pricing

Billed as a percentage of the ticket value.

GET in Numbers

GET has a fixed total supply, no new GET can ever be minted.


GET Staked


Remaining Circulating Supply

Community Dashboard

Ticketing activity occurring through GET Protocol creates a baseline demand for the GET token. Which can be transparently viewed on-chain, through the Community Dashboard.

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Direct Access

The GET Protocol Subgraph allows you to deep dive into the data and build your own applications and queries to get exactly the information you need.

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Gotta get GET

A walkthrough guide on acquiring GET through SushiSwap is available on the Community FAQ.

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Discover more content about the token from our regular blogs and updates.

FAQs and Guides

To walk you through any questions you may have.

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Developer Documentation

Dive into the on-chain tokenomics or APIs.

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Let the GET token power your next event.

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