Introducing our Collectibles 2.0 & Wallet UI Feature Suite

Extending the relationship with attendees through event linked digital collectibles

Introducing our Wallet UI & Collectibles 2.0 Feature Suite

At GET Protocol, we’re driven by the mission of building the most accessible & future proofed ticketing infrastructure available and as part of this ethos, we’re continuously looking to improve the ways we extend the utility and lifecycle of events to empower organisers and their fans.

Today we’re excited to be revealing our new ‘Collectibles 2.0’ feature suite which gives every single ticket holder direct access to digital collectibles linked to their tickets with zero complexity or setup needed.

Immortalising event moments and redefining how fans relive events has never been easier.

With this update, when a ticket is purchased from an event shop, every ticket buyer now receives their own Web3 wallet behind the scenes that is linked directly to their user profile. When an attendee purchases a ticket from a white-label powered ticket shop, GET Protocol distributes the NFT Ticket directly into the attendee’s Web3 wallet behind the scenes.

Importantly this adds zero complexity to attending an event, all an attendee needs to do is simply buy their ticket, download the mobile ticketing app and get their QR code scanned at the door. By being tied to an NFT, each attendee receives a Digital Collectible that extends the lifecycle of an event through artwork & content.

Event organisers can customise and update collectibles with artwork at any point in the event lifecycle directly from the event dashboard. Whether it’s uploading highlight clips from an event, adding a polaroid photo from the artist along with a signature or capturing a stunning highlight play - cherishing an event now means more than keeping a ticket stub or having photos on your phone - your ticket becomes your momento.

To access collectibles, we’ve built a brand new interface than can be accessed directly from the White-Label application. This ‘Wallet UI’ is intuitive to use and is the beginning of a post-event home for you, your organisers and your attendees.

To visit the Wallet UI, all an attendee needs to head to the mobile ticketing app, press the settings cog in the top-right hand corner and click ‘View my collectibles’. Attendees will then be greeted by their Collection overview which shows all the events they have purchased tickets for, ordered by the recency of an event. By tapping on a collection, attendees can see and scroll through the collectibles for a singular event.

Each collectible is made up of both image/video and text properties called ‘Metadata’ which can be seen in the Wallet UI. By customising this content, each attendee can receive a unique & lasting momento from their event.

Want to see the Wallet UI in action? Head to our showcase wallet to view the full potential on offer.

The Future of Event Linked Digital Collectibles

Today’s Collectible 2.0 update paves the way to an exciting future, where engaging with fans is more than sending an email or post on social media.

With Digital Collectibles now in the hands of each and every attendee, our next update will provide the ability for you to use Digital Collectibles as an access pass into digital content, such as rewarding attendees with access into exclusive experiences, merchandise, future ticket shops and more - all based on which collectibles an attendee owns and how many they’ve collected over their event history.

Stay tuned for more information on our collectibles suite

Curious to get started with GET Protocol’s ticketing infrastructure and unlock the possibilities on offer with Digital Collectibles? Reach out today on our contact page and our team will be in touch.

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