Find out what your tickets can do

Easily implement the latest technology and unlock the benefits of truly digital NFT blockchain ticketing.

Big benefits, readily available

We help anyone who issues tickets worldwide to take advantage of the latest technological innovations


A ticketing experience that’s unrivaled in its ease of use, flexibility and safety.


Tickets become tradable digital collectibles (NFTs), with a variety of awesome possibilities for fans & event organizers.

Unrivalled data

Clear, verifiable data on ticket ownership, vastly improving marketing efforts.


Total control and insights over the primary & secondary market. Take in the profit that would have gone to scalpers.

There is untapped potential in every ticket

Optimized Primary Sale

Secondary Market Revenue

Tickets Become Digital Collectibles

Reward Your True Fans

We’ve got a product that will take your ticketing to the next level.

Whether you are completely new to the game or already sell millions of tickets a year.


A suite of ticketing tools, from your own custom ticket wallet app to real-time dashboard. Everything you need to start selling tickets.

From A to Z

A complete ticketing infrastructure with blockchain and NFT integration.

Globally Validated System

Tried and tested system with daily users across the globe.

Make It Your Own

Bring user friendly scale-free ticketing to local market under your own branding.

Digital Twin

A non-invasive blockchain layer on top of your existing ticketing activity, enabling you to tap into the benefits of NFTs with zero integrational risk.

Ease Of Integration

Easily tap into the NFT industry with your existing business.

Conquer New Territories

Expand to new revenue streams and innovative user experience services.

Zero Collateral Impact

All the benefits of blockchain tickets with no impact on your system.

Tried and tested, time and time again, over and over.

Since 2016 we’ve been walking the walk and leading the way in blockchain-based ticketing.

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artists & organizers supported

What we’re seeing

Observations from around the ticketing & blockchain industries.


Changing the venue of 40K+ attendees with the click of a button

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