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A usecase on capturing secondary market ticket revenue using GET Protocol's White-Label

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Bringing Fans Together at the Ziggo Dome

On the 17th & 19th December, Antoon, the Netherland’s most listened to artist on Spotify in 2022, gave sold-out performances to crowds of excited fans at the Ziggo Dome venue in Amsterdam.

Following the success of a number of hit singles in 2022 and the award for best national artist in the QMusic top 40, Antoon was able to bring thousands of fans together for the two massive shows in December.

With high demand from Antoon’s young audience demographic, the choice was made to use GUTS Tickets, a white-label integrator of blockchain ticketing service provider GET Protocol. Through the use of innovative tech, GUTS Tickets offers event organizers all the necessary ticketing tools to control secondary market revenue, protect fans against scalping and facilitate easy entry for attendees with complete real-time ticketing statistics. All while collecting and retaining relevant fan data.

Let’s take a look at the data.

Retaining Secondary Market Ticket Revenue for the Ziggo Dome Events

When looking at ticket sales for these two sold out Ziggo Dome events, secondary market ticket activity formed a combined 12.5% of tickets resold.

Thanks to the built in secondary market, all of the secondary sale turnover from these secondary sales were kept out of the hands of scalpers and marketplaces and crucially fully retained by the event organizers.

According to a study conducted in 2018, scalping activity for a popular event of this kind would typically involve a 49% markup of primary sale price. When combined with the percentage of tickets re-sold for these events, our infrastructure was able to keep roughly €85K of profit out of the hands of scalpers.

An image showing stats for the Ziggo Dome events

Curious how this tooling could impact your event revenue and data? Get in touch for a demo here.

How does the GET Protocol White-Label control the secondary market & prevent scalping?

Our infrastructure utilizes a number of techniques to eliminate scalping and put secondary market activity back in the rightful hands of event organizers.

This works through a number of important anti-scalping mechanisms:

  • Every ticket’s QR code is locked until a short time before the event’s doors open

  • Every QR code rotates periodically to make screenshots redundant

  • Every ticket is tied to a mobile phone number to ensure legitimacy of the ticket buyer

  • Every ticket cannot be exported out of the White-Label environment & only re-sold within application.

By applying these techniques together, we’re able to guarantee the eradication of ticket scalping & drive secondary sales directly through the secondary ticket market built into the mobile ticketing app & web shop.

An image showing the four main mechanisms for erradicating ticket scalping using the White-Label

Putting Control Back in the Hands of Event Organizers

GET Protocol's White-Label infrastructure is designed with event organizers, creators, and attendees in mind. After all, it’s this fan relationship that fills stadiums and creates memorable experiences remembered for years to come.

In today's world of increasing fan connection, the ability to engage with attendees and understand who they truly are is becoming increasingly important & the secondary ticket market represents a significant portion of this event activity.

Without retaining control over this market, event organizers lose insight into their audience, miss out on a vast wealth of secondary market ticket revenue & have no control over attendee data. It’s the equivalent of 15% of attendee activity disappearing into the ether.

In the case of the Ziggo Dome shows, this lead to thousands more data points of fans who purchased tickets, either from the primary or secondary market.

By being able to retain control over secondary ticket markets you unlock:

  • Secondary market ticket revenue

  • Secondary market attendee data

  • The ability to connect with all fans no matter primary or secondary market ticket buyers.

It’s therefore why GET Protocol’s White-Label infrastructure includes a built-in secondary ticket market, anti-ticket scalping systems, real-time ticket insights, check-in status & full customer data that can be exported into your own CRM.

An image showing the suite of tools on offer with GET Protocol's White-Label

Facilitating a Frictionless Attendee Experience

Naturally, whilst the control of revenue & data is critical, it’s also equally as imperative to have a user friendly ticketing experience that both attendees can navigate & event organizers can use to get all ticket holders through the door.

Our White-Label ticket scanning application can be loaded on any mobile phone & setup with ticket scanners at multiple doors. Each scanner can have their own scanning profile to ensure attendees enter the venue at the right places.

By using our scanning system, the event organizers effortlessly checked in all tickets at the doors at a rate of 230 ticket scans a minute. This efficiency is in part achieved by the ability for multi-ticket purchasers to form groups within the mobile ticketing app.

Ticket holders can invite their friends to form a group which then ties multiple tickets purchased to a single QR code, increasing scanning efficiency. As ticket purchasers for the Ziggo Dome events bought on average 3 tickets, that’s a 3x reduction in QR codes needed to scan at the doors & one of the reasons why our system can scan in attendees so effortlessly at the Ziggo Dome.

When combined with real-time analytics, the event organizers could see exactly which attendees checked-in to the event, no matter if their ticket was purchased on the primary or secondary market.

An image showing the real-time analytics page in the event dashboard

Seeing how the event organizers for Antoon's Ziggo Dome events interacted and succeeded with GET Protocol’s infrastructure is a testament to the importance for event organizers to have full control over their ticketing & we’re delighted at the results of these high octane events.

If the topics & outcomes discussed in this article resonate with you & your ticketing ambitions, then we’d love to hear from you. Our White-Label can robustly handle your events at scale whilst being customized with your branding & color scheme to fit your event brand.

Reach out today & be well on your way to seizing control of your tickets in less than a month of setup. Visit our product page or inquire with us today on our contact page.

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